Nicola Hardy

Name Nicola Hardy

What is your job title? Counter Server

What does that mean? I work in the front of shop serving the customers and wrapping their food.

Where are you from? Born and bred in Exmouth

How long have you been working for Krispies? I started on March 11th 2019

What is the best thing about your job? I love the fact we are like one big family, everyone enjoys their job, and we all help each other.  

What does winning Best Fish and Chip Shop in the UK 2019 mean to you? It was an honour for me to get a job in the best fish and chip shop in the UK.

What’s your favourite thing on Krispies menu? As I’m taking part in Slimming World, I love the grilled cod and the homemade burgers - they’re to die for!

Are you Battered, Traditional or Mixed? Love the battered of course!

Who are your favourite sports team or band? I don’t really follow sports teams, but love a wide range of music, mainly reggae bands

What is your favourite thing to do with a lazy, sunny afternoon? I love meeting up with friends and family and spending time with them.

What makes Krispies different from other take aways? The organisation at Krispies is like nothing I’ve never seen before. Also, how well everyone works together as a team, even when we are mega busy, it always runs smoothly.