Ryan Gezink

Name Ryan Gezink

What is your job title? Counter Server

What does that mean? To give the best service to the customers.

Where are you from? Exmouth

How long have you been working for Krispies? About 3 months

What is the best thing about your job? Being part of a well organised team.  

What does winning Best Fish and Chip Shop in the UK 2019 mean to you? I started after Krispies won the award but it’s great as it shows we provide the best quality food alongside our great customer service.

What’s your favourite thing on Krispies menu? Bacon cheeseburger

Are you Battered, Traditional or Mixed? Mixed

Who are your favourite sports team or band? Arsenal

What is your favourite thing to do with a lazy, sunny afternoon? Play in the garden with my son.

What makes Krispies different from other take aways? We are number 1!