What is the From Field to Fryer Award?

Krispies Fish and Chips is nominated for the prestigious From Field to Fryer Award which will be awarded at the National Fish and Chips Awards ceremony in London on Thursday 26th January 2017. Here, Tim and Kelly Barnes explain exactly what this award is about and what it means to them. 

What is the From Field to Fryer Award?
The award is all about creating the perfect chip and is given to Fish and Chip shops who care as much about potatoes as they do about the fish that they fry. Each entry has to demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the potatoes that they use - from the seed that goes into the ground to chip that's served in the shop. This includes understanding things like varieties, sugar levels and the seasonal characteristics of the potato.

Why did you enter this competition?
We wanted our customers to have even more confidence in Krispies; to demonstrate that we are amongst the best in the industry, that we understand our product and we source the best ingredients for them time after time. 

Is the competition important?
Hugely important, this is a national competition and only the very best of the best get nominated for an award, in fact only three shops are shortlisted for the From Field to Fryer Award nationwide.  It also shows how high our standards are and are a benchmark for others to aspire to in the fish and chip world.


Why do you think you have been nominated for the award – what makes you special?
We have a very unique product in our Battered Chips, you can’t get anything quite like them anywhere else in the UK and the way we make them in a closely guarded secret. Also, we have shown the judges that our practices and knowledge of our product for all the chips we fry are amongst the best in the country.

Are there other prizes being awarded on Thursday? 
Yes, there other awards up for grabs. The Fish and Chip Oscars (as the awards are known) are in the 29th year and the quality of the entries goes up every year so the standards are very, very high.

How important is it that you win?
It would a huge honour to carry this title for 2017 and be an ambassador for the Fish and Chip Industry but we are so thrilled to be nominated that we feel like we have won already! But whatever happens on Thursday it won’t stop us continually striving to make the very best chips that our Krispies customers love to eat!


Alison Owens