Photographing Fish!


It’s Monday and boy, does it feel like Monday! Tim’s RNLI pager went off at 2.30am and whilst I could roll over and go back to sleep he didn’t get back to bed till 5.30am. So, when the alarm goes off he really wants to roll over and go back to sleep but he can’t because the sun is shining and it’s not too windy so today is the day when we are going to take some brand new pictures for our website, new menu and other things you might see do over the coming months.

We love our shop but we are reliably informed it is not the best place to take good photography (it’s light you know). So we are taking the new pictures just across the road from the shop in All Saints Church Yard which looks extraordinarily pretty at this time of year.

And apparently, we need five (yes five) people to take these photographs and here is the crew in order of importance:

  1. Tim – he is doing the cooking to order and isn’t really the most important but he’s grumpy from lack of sleep so gets to come first just this once.
  2. Rosey – our photographer, we can do nothing without her.
  3. Me – I am the client after all and I am needed for my opinions, making sure we get plenty of tea and holding an umbrella (more on that to come).
  4. Sharon – our ‘runner’ for the day. She ran to and from the shop 100s of times, it’s amazing how many things you need urgently on a photoshoot.
  5. Ali – our art director and hand model, she was quite bossy and made sure we took the photos and not just stood around chatting and eating chips. 

So off we go. Tim cooks up a batch of chips, Sharon runs over the road with them, Ali puts them on a plate and Rosey takes the pictures. It takes a few tries to get it right. Apparently, there is too much light (?) which is blowing out the shot (?) and making hard shadows (?). And this is where the umbrella comes in, we have a white one which, when held in the right place can help make those very dark shadows just a little bit lighter.

We have created a table setting to give the feel of sophisticated picnic but for various reason the table is too high so we drop it down on to the grass so it looks like a picnic rug. This means that Rosey has to lie prostrate on the ground to take the photos but she has clearly done this before as she has bought a camping sleeping mat with her so she doesn’t get too damp.

As Exmouth is a seaside town there is a constant threat from hungry seagulls, they sit on the roof of the Church and eye us carefully so they can pounce as soon as our backs are turned. So, in order to avoid unwanted air born attacks we have to have to dispose of the food as quickly as possible. Fish and Chips for breakfast – yumm!

After lots of chips, lots of fish, lots of steps from Sharon (she definitely did her 10,000 that day) and the odd sneaky sip of presseco we are done! You can see some of the results here and look out for the rest of them on our website, in our shop and on our menu over the coming months.



Alison Owens