The Fish & Chip Oscars

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Krispies have won an Oscar! No, Tim and I have not changed our career (don’t worry, we won’t be giving up this day job anytime soon) we have won a Fish & Chip Oscar – our second in as many years and, just like before, we are proud as punch.

So, what are exactly are the Fish & Chip Oscars? They are the name we give to the prestigious National Fish & Chip Awards and they are designed to reward and celebrate the very best people and businesses in the Fish & Chip world. This year the awards were celebrating their 30th year so it was fabulous to be there, not just to celebrate this landmark but to actually win something too!

Just like the real Oscars the awards are a glittering ceremony and anyone who is anyone in the industry is there on the night and it is an amazing opportunity to meet fellow Friers, Trawler men and Farmers and discuss the subject we love some much. It’s proper posh too and everyone dresses up. The celebrations start with a “Luncheon” – three fabulous courses (fish for main of course) which I can’t eat because I am too nervous. There is wine too but I don’t drink that because I am all too aware I may have to go up on stage shortly! It’s lovely food and interesting conversation and once lunch it’s done it’s time for the exciting part!

The reason the industry refers to these awards as the Fish & Chip Oscars is because, just like the Oscars, they recognize everyone at all levels and all areas. As well as Best Takeway, the equivalent of Best Film, (this year won by the fabulous Miller’s of Haxby, congratulations guys), there are awards for just about every aspect of running a successful Fish & Chip business including best Young Fish Frier, New Business, Staff Training and Development, Mobile Fish & Chip Van, Healthy Eating, From Field to Frier (which we won last year) and of course the Marketing Innovation Award which we won this year!

Krispies Fish & Chips with their award. From left to right Ben Bartlett, Kelly Barnes, Tim Barnes, Nigel Barden (of Simon Mayo Drivetime fame)

Krispies Fish & Chips with their award. From left to right Ben Bartlett, Kelly Barnes, Tim Barnes, Nigel Barden (of Simon Mayo Drivetime fame)

We really believe these awards are important at every level because it shows to our customers, who love Fish & Chips, that we love it too, that it is a real vocation for us and that we are always striving to be the very best at what we do. It is estimated that there are over 10,000 Fish & Chip businesses in Britain so to win one of only 16 Awards is truly an amazing achievement for us.

It is also important to say that no one wins an award unless every part of their business is absolutely amazing. We would not have won the From Field to Frier Award for our chips last year or the Marketing Innovation Award for our creative marketing ideas this year if any part of Krispies was not the very best quality it could be. As a finalized we were assessed at the shop on every level including it food quality, health and hygiene and customer service to ensure our whole business is worthy of such an important, prestigious and meaningful award.

Of course, we love to win awards, it is thrilling, nerve racking and wonderful when you win. However, if there were no awards to win we would still do what we do and strive to do it to the very best of our ability. We love Fish & Chips, we love Krispies and, whatever happens, we are going to carry on frying fabulous fish for our fabulous customers for many years to come we hope!


Just like anyone who has won an Oscar I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those people who helped make it happen – firstly and most importantly our staff, they are amazing, we could not do what we do without their hard work, dedication and good humor on the hottest and busiest of days. Secondly, it’s a thanks to you, our customers, we would be no where without you, your loyalty and your kind comments on social media. And finally, of course, thank you to all of our family, especially Hollie and Charlie for putting up with a Mum and Dad who are obsessed with Fish & Chips!

Just one last word, when you win something you should celebrate so we intend to celebrate this win too so keep an eye on our website for details…

Kelly Barnes February 2018


Alison Owens