Krispies Commitment to the Environment

The environment and the amount of plastics in our Oceans has really hit the headlines in the last few months and rightly so. At Krispies we are passionate about the environment locally and globally and we have been doing various things to help safeguard our environment for some time now so we thought this was a good opportunity to publish our Environmental Policy so people can see what we are doing.

Krispies Environment Policy
Krispies Fish & Chips recognizes the importance of safeguarding the environment be it for ourselves or the animals that populate our planet both in and out of the oceans. As such we are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our business and in particular we have made the following commitments:


Krispies is MSC certified.
This means that wherever you see the little blue tick logo the Fish you are eating comes from sustainable sources meaning there will be plenty more fish in the sea for generations to come.
To learn more about MSC and sustainability click here.

Responsible sourcing.
Where we are unable to get MSC certified fish (and this is not always possible) we do our utmost to ensure that not only our fish but other food items including meat and veg are responsibly sourced and, where possible, local to Krispies to minimize food miles (and support local businesses).

Recycling oil
We dispose of our oil twice weekly and all our used oil is recycled into renewable energy in a purpose built refinery locate in the heart of the South West.

We urge our customers to recycle our packaging

We urge our customers to recycle our packaging

Over the years we have worked with suppliers to make all our packaging recyclable – our bags, boxes and even our greaseproof can all be recycled and we urge our customers to dispose of their packing responsibly. We are always on the look-out for improvements in our packaging.

Beach Cleans
As part of our commitment to our environment locally (and our love of Exmouth) Krispies are proud to sponsor the Exe Estuary Management Partnership Clean Ups. These are held twice a year in Spring and Autumn and are a great opportunity to rid the Estuary of unwanted and unhealthy waste. It is astonishing and frightening what we find! If you want to read more about the clean ups click here or if you want to sign up as a volunteer then you can visit the Exe Estuary Management Partnership website by clicking here.

Volunteers enjoy the sunshine whilst cleaning the Estuary

Volunteers enjoy the sunshine whilst cleaning the Estuary

Krispies is committed to ongoing improvements large or small and in the long and the short term. We are always looking at ways to improve our carbon foot print, to minimize food miles where possible and to using recyclable materials. If there is anything that you think Krispies could change or do better please do let us know, we appreciate your input as we never know what we may have overlooked.

Tim and Kelly Barnes
February 2018




Alison Owens