The Secret in our New Logo


We love our new logo. It goes with our new cooking range, our new shop and our new photography and you can see it on our new menus and our new uniforms and in many other forms to come too.

Our logo, to us, is all about our story and as we start a new chapter with the refit we thought it right to that our logo should reflect our business past, present and future. We wanted something special that would, as cleanly and as elegantly as possible, reflect our personality and passions without any words.

This was our brief to our designer, Ali Myer, who has been working with Krispies on marketing and other initiatives, for over three years. She knows the business well and we had high expectations and thankfully she did not disappoint us. Not only did Ali design something quite unique but it also has a hidden secret! Read on to find out more.

In our new logo our history and all those days and years that make us what we are today, is reflected by retaining the same font for Krispies we have used in the past. This font reflects our personality, informal but not frivolous, bold but not hard, and we are delighted to retain it for years to come.


The coloured lines under the word Krispies are the ever-present waves which, not only represent our glorious seaside location, but also the oceans near and far from which our all important fish come from. And here is the secret, the thickest line may look like a random wave, but it is not. It is cleverly inspired by the two-mile coastline of Exmouth Seafront. The marina is on the left and follows through all the way to Orcombe Point on the right, following the line of the coast along the way. It even shows Mear Rocks where many of you will have rock pooled as kids.


The new, clean type for Fish & Chips brings this thoughtful design together and we truly believe this logo makes us fit for the future and is something memorable whether you are lucky enough to live in Exmouth or you visit us on holiday.

But what of Mr Krispie? Well, he is alive and well and he is no longer on our logo as he has been promoted to be Head of Youth Development, so you will find him on our kids pages doing what he loves to do the most, working with our Fishy Friends to tell the world more about fish!

Do you have thoughts on our new logo? We would love to hear what you think, just send us your comments below.

Alison OwensComment