What is the NFFF Quality Award?

As you probably know Krispies were awarded the NFFF Quality Award in June 2017 for the second time in succession. We are extremely proud of this award but we think you may not have heard of it or why it is good to have, so here is our quick guide to the NFFF Quality Award.

What is the NFFF?
NFFF stands for the National Federation of Fish Friers. This organization was set up in 1913 by a group of fish friers to support fish and chip shops throughout Britain with the aim of making fish and chips better for customers wherever they are in Britain.

What is the Quality award?
The Quality Award is the benchmark that NFFF created for Fish and Chip Shops and Restaurants. Assessment for the award is done on the request of the shop and this assessment makes sure they are reaching the five star standard set by the NFFF. You only pass if you are good enough and you reach all the criteria. There is no guarantee that you will achieve their very high standards and if you don’t reach it they will let you know what you need to do to achieve it.

What does the assessment cover?
Pretty much everything from hygiene to health and safety, paperwork to food preparation and from cleaning schedules to customer service. Oh, and they eat our food too (that’s the tough part of the job for the assessor, poor thing).

Why did Krispies apply for the award?
Because we believe that Krispies is at this five star level and we wanted to give our customers confidence that an outside assessor agrees that we do everything to the very highest standard

Is this the first time you have won it?
No, we first gained the award two years ago and we had previously been awarded the Quality Award several years before that. 

What does having the award mean to you and your team?
It is a fantastic honor to have the Quality Award, we are huge advocates of the NFFF, Tim is a trainer for the organization and gives his expertise to help other business achieve as high a standard as Krispies. We believe that having this award really sets us apart from other fish & chips shops in the area. We are proud to have it and it is a great recognition for everyone’s hard work whether it’s doing staff rotas on a raining Monday morning in January, cutting chips or serving – it is team work at the highest level that produces such a great product every time.

Why is it important for your customers?
We believe that achieving the five start standards required by the NFFF give our customers confidence in the product that they are buying and, as we have now held the award twice in a row, shows that we are consistent and that we are as good today as we were two years ago. Now we have the award we will not rest, we will continue to keep our standards as high as possible in preparation for our next assessment in two years time! 

Alison Owens