Graeme Bardsley

Name Graham Bardsley

What is your job title? Potato Peeler

What does this mean? I am the person to check the quality of the potatoes to ensure they are of a good standard to be fried and to prep them for service.

Where are you from? I am originally from the Northwest, just outside Manchester, but moved to Devon over 20 years ago.

How long have you been working at Krispies? I have worked at Krispies since March 2017

What is the best thing about your job? The best thing about my job is Mr & Mrs Barns the Owners, they really are caring employers who will try to help you with most problems.

What does winning Field to Fryer mean to you? I joined Krispies after we won the From Field to Fryer Award but I really like the fact that we enter awards including Fish & Chip Shop of the Year as this help us all a focus and a close bonded as a team. I think this encourages you to give your job at least 110per cent all of the time.

What's your favourite thing on the Krispies menu? I must admit the Steak and Onion pies are so delicious and  full of chunks of steak. Wonderful!

Are you battered, traditional or mixed? I have to be honest and choose traditional even though I do eat battered too.

Who are your favourite sports team or band? My sports team has to be Manchester United. For music it is Northern Soul and music from the 60-70s.

What is your favourite thing to do with a lazy sunny afternoon? There is nothing I like better on a sunny day than to sit with my feet up in my Son's garden and be waited on. HOW NICE is that?!

What makes Krispies different from other takeaways? Before I started to work at Krispies i often bought my tea from the shop  and alway got a smile and very polite staff. Since I've worked here that smile and politeness hasn't changed and I would honestly say you don't get that everywhere. That's why Krispies is my favourite take-away in East Devon.