Our Food

Whether it is our MSC Certified fish, our bespoke batter, our potatoes, burgers or buns all the food we serve at Krispies has been carefully selected and sourced so we only use what we believe are the best products. Where possible we also use local producers and suppliers.



To say we are fussy about our fish at Krispies is an understatement. Everything we buy and serve has to be the very best quality. Most of our fish comes from the Barent Sea. It is frozen at sea within hours of being caught ensuring the fish is as fresh when we cook it, as it was on the day it was caught. All our frozen at sea fish is MSC Certified which guarantees it comes from sustainable fish stocks.


We only use British potatoes of the highest quality which are often grown in the potato-friendly soil of Cambridgeshire. Our award winning chips are freshly cut and prepared each day in our kitchen on site. Our ideal chip should be crispy on the outside with a light fluffy centre.




Krispies batter is unique and created especially for us by Ceres. We worked closely with their talented team, to create a batter which is made of only the finest British wheat and 100% natural ingredients. Formulated not just for our fish but for our famous battered chips, you can be sure you won’t taste anything like Krispies batter anywhere else.


Other Food

Our excellent burgers come from independent, family run butchers, Porky Down and are made right here in Exmouth. Our Pukka Pies are made by an independent, family company which are based in Leicestershire.

All our salad is from Dart Fresh Produce just up the road in Topsham. If they can’t grow it themselves they do everything they can to source their product as locally as possible and the peas we use these to make our mushy peas and mushy pea fritters right here on the premises are from East Anglia. Even our cheese is specially selected and comes from Wykes Farm in Somerset which is a family farm who have been making award winning cheese to a secret family recipe for generations.


Krispies Catering

Everyone loves a party and everyone loves Fish and Chips, so why not combine the two? Krispies outside catering service will bring our freshly cooked, award winning, Fish and Chips directly to you. Be it an anniversary, a birthday, a wedding or even a corporate event, if you want to celebrate in style, with something truly unique then look no further than Krispies Catering – we can add the wow factor to your celebration that people will have everyone talking about it!


Putting Fish First

Krispies Fish and Chips are delighted to announce their Putting Fish First campaign. After 15 successful and happy years in business Tim and Kelly Barnes wanted to share some of the passion that they have for what they do. Understandably the fish and the fishing industry is close to their hearts and they feel there is a lot of misunderstanding about fish, where it comes from, if it is kind to the planet and if it is good for you to eat.

To help answer these questions they are proud to announce their Putting Fish First campaign. This will comprise of a series of articles, promotions, menu items and events over the coming months which will be designed to dispel some of the myths around Fish and Fish and Chips and also to encourage people not just to put more fish in their diet but to ensure it is the right type of fish.

Here are some Q&As about Fish and the Fishing Industry:

Q. Does eating Fish and Chips threatening the sustainability of our oceans?
Thanks to a variety of measures being taken by governments and the fishing industry, stocks are now much better monitored and managed than previously and there really are plenty more fish in the sea!

Q. Sustainability is a word you use a lot at Krispies. What is a sustainable fishing?
Sustainable fishing protects the fish and the environment in which they live, where the target fish populations are judged to be at healthy levels and can be fished safely whilst protecting marine ecosystems.

Q Where does Krispies get it’s sustainably sourced fish?
The vast majority of the fish we use is caught in the icy clear Arctic waters of the Barents Sea and Iceland where stringent measures have ensured good management of fish stocks in these waters and quotas have actually increased in recent years.

Q. So if the fish is caught all the up in the Barents Sea is it still fresh when it gets to you in Exmouth?
The great majority of the fish we use is ‘frozen at sea’. This fish has been caught by large factory trawlers, like the trawler Rammi, operating in carefully managed fishing grounds in the Arctic Seas around Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Norway, and Russia. The fish are caught, processed and quick frozen within a few hours. This method means that the freshness, the nutrients and the taste are all retained, without compromising quality.

Q. Are Fish and Chips good for you?
As part of a balanced diet and eaten in moderation, fish and chips make a natural, nutritious meal which is still good value for money and a valuable source of protein, fibre, iron and vitamins, providing a third of the recommended daily allowance of vitamins for men and nearly half for women. At less than 10g of fat per 100g, it is actually much healthier than many other takeaway favourites.