We have 12 Fishy Friends for you to meet below. Click on the picture to find out more about each fish and get a FREE colouring template to download and print at home.

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Billy Bass

Habitat: Out of reach of the fishermen
Origin: Cornwall
Likes: Hide and seek
Fact: Billy can change colour to match his

Colour in Billy Brass

Mickey Mackerel

Habitat: Anywhere, Mickey is not a fussy fish
Origin: Exmouth Marina
Likes: hanging out with a big group of buddies
Fact: Mickey’s fins retract so he can swim super fast

Colour in Mickey Mackerel

Sophie Seahorse

Habitat: Coral Reefs
Origin: Great Barrier Reef
Likes: Dreaming of being fast
Fact: Seahorses are very slow swimmers

Find out more about Sophie Seahorse

Charlie Cod

Habitat: Deep, Cold Water brrrr
Origin: Iceland
Likes: Hanging out with the cool crowd
Swim Speed: 25MPH

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Peter John Dory

Habitat: Cold and lonely depths of the Sea
Origin: Wales
Likes: Being grumpy and his own company
Swim Speed: 8MPH

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Hugo Huss

Habitat: Rough and rocky seabeds
Origin: Iceland
Likes: Teaching swimming and being wise
Swim Speed: 19MPH

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Jake Hake

Habitat: Deep sea water
Origin: Atlantic Ocean
Likes: Eating anything
Fact: Jake’s first cousins are Charlie Cod and Hollie Haddock

Colour in Jake Hake

George Guppy

Habitat: Anywhere warm
Origin: All over the world
Likes: Showing off
Fact: Guppys are also called Rainbow Fish

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Edee eel

Habitat: Shallow, muddy or sandy water
Origin: London
Likes: Having a sing song after dark
Fact: Eels can swim backwards

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Coco Crab

Habitat: Under Bolders
Origin: Cornwall
Likes: Art, she has lots of arms to paint with
Swim Speed: 4MPH

Find out more about Coco Crab

Hollie Haddock

Habitat: Cold North Atlantic Ocean
Origin: Norway
Likes: Hanging out with her friends
Swim Speed: 39MPH

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Lacie Lace Fish

Habitat: Water as warm as a bath
Origin: Thailand
Likes: Wide open water and lots of it
Fact: lace fish like lots of blingy decorations

Colour in Lacie Lace Fish

Taylor Tiger Shark

Habitat: Warm costal waters
Origin: Pacific Ocean
Likes: Eating, eating and eating
Fact: Eats anything even car tyres

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Sylvia Scampi

Habitat: In a burrow on the sea bed
Origin: Scotland
Likes: Gossiping and showing off
Swim Speed: 5MPH

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Marcel Mussel

Habitat: Fast flowing river estuary
Origin: Exmouth
Likes: Pretending to be French
Swim Speed: 1MPH

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Penny Plaice

Habitat: Sandy bottoms
Origin: Ireland
Likes: Partying and playing hide and seek
Swim Speed: 11MPH

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