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57 Exeter Road
Exmouth, EX8 1PX
United Kingdom

Home of the Battered Chips. Serving Award Winning fish and chips.


Mr Krispies Fishy Friends

We have 12 Fishy Friends for you to meet including
Sophie Seahorse, Taylor Tiger Shark, George Guppy and Edee Eel
Read all about them below, click on the picture or the link to get a FREE colouring in template of each fish to download and print at home.

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Sophie Seahorse

Habitat: Coral Reefs
Origin: Great Barrier Reef
Likes: Dreaming of being fast
Fact: Seahorses are very slow swimmers

Find out more about Sophie Seahorse

12 Fishy Friends Card to Collect

Charlie Cod

Habitat: Deep, Cold Water  brrrr
Origin: Iceland
Likes: Hanging out with the cool crowd
Swim Speed: 25MPH

Find out more about Charlie Cod

Peter John Dory

Habitat:  Cold and lonely depths of the Sea
Origin: Wales
Likes: Being grumpy and his own company
Swim Speed: 8MPH

Find out more about Peter John Dory

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Hugo Huss

Habitat:  Rough and rocky seabeds
Origin: Iceland
Likes: Teaching swimming and being wise
Swim Speed: 19MPH

Find out more about Hugo Huss

George Guppy

Habitat: Anywhere warm
Origin: All over the world
Likes: Showing off
Fact: Guppys are also called Rainbow Fish

Find out more about George Guppy

Edee eel

Habitat: Shallow, muddy or sandy water
Origin: London
Likes: Having a sing song after dark
Fact: Eels can swim backwards

Find out more about Edee Eel

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Coco Crab

Habitat: Under Bolders
Origin: Cornwall
Likes: Art, she has lots of arms to paint with
Swim Speed: 4MPH

Find out more about Coco Crab

Hollie Haddock

Habitat:  Cold North Atlantic Ocean
Origin: Norway
Likes: Hanging out with her friends
Swim Speed: 39MPH

Find out more about Hollie Haddock

Taylor Tiger Shark

Habitat: Warm costal waters
Origin: Pacific Ocean
Likes: Eating, eating and eating
Fact: Eats anything even car tyres

Find out more about Taylor Tiger Shark

Which is your favourite fish?

Sylvia Scampi

Habitat: In a burrow on the sea bed
Origin: Scotland
Likes: Gossiping and showing off
Swim Speed: 5MPH

Find out more about Sylvia Scampi

Marcel Mussel

Habitat:  Fast flowing river estuary
Origin: Exmouth
Likes: Pretending to be French
Swim Speed: 1MPH

Find out more about Marcel Mussel

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Penny Plaice

Habitat:  Sandy bottoms
Origin: Ireland
Likes: Partying and playing hide and seek
Swim Speed: 11MPH

Find out more about Penny Plaice