Free Chips! Just one of the benefits of working at Krispies.

Free Chips! Just one of the benefits of working at Krispies.


Krispies Careers

There is a lot more to working at Krispies that you might think, it is a unique and rewarding journey. Tim and Kelly Barnes have been running the business since 2000 learning a huge amount along the way. They are ready and able to pass on their knowledge and wisdom in all areas and at all levels be it in food preparation, frying or front of house.

Here are 10 great reasons to work at Krispies:

  1. You get free chips!

  2. Krispies are a real living wage employer

  3. Krispies is officially one of the best Fish & Chip shops in the UK

  4. First class in house training by Tim and Kelly, two of the most highly respected professionals in the industry.

  5. We offer opportunities for continued professional development including NVQ qualification in catering.

  6. Contributory Pension Scheme

  7. You get 28 days holiday per year, two consecutive days off per week and you will have one in every four weekends off.

  8. We offer a paid day off for your wedding or civil partnership and on your child’s first day at school.

  9. 20% off Krispies Award Winning Food when not on shift

  10. Did we mention the free chips?

And in return for working for us you will learn:
• Team Work
• Customer Service Skills
• Food Prep
• Food Hygiene
• How to work under pressure
• Outstanding Organisational skills

Plus have the opportunity for further training in and even gain a recognised catering qualification

We are looking to employ bright, motivated and passionate people at all levels from 12.75 hours a week to full time, in our kitchen and front of house and of all ages and experience. Who you are is more important to us that what you know so if you are interested in coming to work in our fun and fast paced environment then drop us a line at, give us a call on 01395 278823, DM us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or fill in our form below.