Exmouth Beach Cleans

As you know we are passionate about fish at Krispies, not just cooking it and serving it but also making sure we know where the fish we serve comes from. As you probably know Krispies is MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified so you can depend on the fact that our fish comes from sustainable and responsible sources.

There has been much press recently regarding the amount of plastic in our oceans. In fact, it is estimated that up to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the ocean every year - killing marine life and threatening precious ecosystems. This problem of plastic and rubbish in our seas comes right to our door step and as we are as passionate about Exmouth as we are about fish in March 2017 we decided to sponsor the Exe Estuary Management Partnership (EEMP) Beach Cleans. We hoped that by offering Krispies Fish & Chips to volunteers it would encourage people to give up their time to come and help keep our Estuary Clean.

The two most surprising things were:
1. How much fun it was! Who knew that pulling on your wellies and wandering around on the sand picking up trash could be so much fun? Even our son, then nine, enjoyed the experience so you can do some good, get some (very fresh) air and have some family fun all at the same time.
2. The rubbish we found was extraordinary. Why do people think that throwing this stuff into the sea is acceptable? Apart from the myriad and expected plastic bags and bottles we found shoes (lots of shoes), a garden fork, a windscreen wiper, a couple of abandoned chairs and even a set of false teeth!

According to the MCS over 60% of all rubbish found on our beaches is recyclable plastic. The durable nature of these plastics mean that they are the most pervasive, persistent and hazardous form of litter in the marine environment so it is vital we do all we can to remove as much as we can. Fortunately, the Exe Estuary Beach Cleans seem to be doing their bit. Exe Estuary Officer Stephanie Clark, said: “We are finding that every year there is a little less rubbish to clean up and that’s really good news. It indicates that there is an increasing awareness of the impact litter has on the environment and wildlife.”

But let’s not rest on our laurels, these bi-annual Clean-Ups are essential for maintaining the health and vitality of the estuary, helping to keep safe and clean for both humans and animals alike. We intend to keep working with EEMP on these cleans into the future. Stephanie Clark, spokesperson for EEMP said:

"The Exe Estuary Management Partnership is incredibly grateful to have Krispies sponsor our clean-up events. After a day of cleaning the estuary, it is a wonderful treat for volunteers to be rewarded with a delicious hot meal of fish and chips! For a local business to take time out of a busy Saturday to support these clean-ups demonstrates their commitment to the estuary and our environment. We are lucky to have such great volunteers and the generous support of Krispies to help care for our special Exe Estuary, keeping it clean and safe for both wildlife and people to enjoy. We are delighted to report that since Krispies have been involved the numbers of volunteers for each clean has more than doubled."

The cleans are held in May and September – the dates and times vary from year to year because of the tide so if you are keen to get involved (the more the merrier) then keep an eye or our website or the EEMP website for more details.