Zero Plastics by end October.

For many years now we have been extremely conscious of our environment and have taken many steps to make sure that as much of our packaging can be recycled as possible.

Now we have decided to take it a step further committing to making all our packaging recyclable, compostable or re-useable by end of October 2018. So in addition to our recyclable boxes, bags and cutlery, all the drinks we sell will be supplied in either recyclable cans or glass bottles and our sauces served in compostable containers.

We are delighted to make this commitment to our environment and become plastics free and we ask you, our customers, to dispose of your packing carefully and in a manner that ensures it will be recycled.

We would also invite any suggestions that you might have that could further improve our carbon footprint, we welcome in put and ideas because this beautiful town, beach and estuary belong to us all and it our collective responsibility to look after it and treat it with the kindness and respect it deserves.

Alison Owens