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57 Exeter Road
Exmouth, EX8 1PX
United Kingdom

Home of the Battered Chips. Serving Award Winning fish and chips.

Our Food

Read about our Fish, our Potatoes, our batter and the oil we use to make the very best Fish and Chips in Devon

Our Food


We hold Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Chain of custody status for all our cod and haddock, which accounts for 98% of the fish we sell. All of our cod, plaice and haddock are caught in the deep, cold waters of the North Atlantic, which means that the species caught are never threatened nor endangered.



We use seasoned potatoes of the highest quality grown in the potato-friendly soil of Cambridgeshire this helps us serve Krispies delicious chips all year round. Our chips are freshly cut and prepared each and everyday in our kitchen on site. Currently we us a chip cut 14x17mm. Figures show this is a healthier size (less calories and fat) as it absorbs less oil. The ideal chip should be crispy on the outside with a light fluffy centre.


Our oil

Krispies uses Hi Oleic Sunflower Oil.

What Is High Oleic?

What does “high oleic” mean exactly? The descriptor refers to the level of oleic acid that is found in a particular type of oil, or more realistically, the original oilseed.

The oleic acid is also another term for monounsaturated fat — these are the healthy fats that are found in an oil. The higher the level of oleic acid, the higher the level of monounsaturated (or good-for-you) fat.

Each category of oil (sunflower, canola, etc) has a standard range for what are typical oleic acid values found in the oil. High oleic seeds are bred to contain more monounsaturated fat, and have higher average oleic values.

More Healthy Fat

Remember that high oleic acid is another term for saying high in monounsaturated fats — the heart healthy fats that are better for your body than both polyunsaturated and saturated fats.

We cooking at 180c which seals the food locking in all the flavour.