Tim Barnes

Name Tim Barnes

What is your job title? Owner and Proprietor of the Krispies – Award Winning Fish and Chips

What does that mean?  Ultimately everything is my responsibility but in particular I control the general running of the shop on a day to day including frying, doing food orders and overseeing the consistency of the food we produce. Kelly tends to do more front of house and looking after the staff.

Where are you from? As a child we moved around loads, I have lived all over England. At one time we lived in the same street as Elton John in Windsor and used to ride my pony in Windsor Great Park! However, I have spent most of my life in Sidmouth and Exmouth.

What did you do before you worked for Krispies? I worked in another fish and chip shop which I became manager of after only six months. Then we owned a shop in Dawlish for two years before buying Krispies. Before working I went to catering college for three years but I have only ever worked in Fish and Chips.

When did you start working for Krispies? December 2000 when we bought the business. For the first six months it was just Kelly and I and between us we did everything from cooking to serving and washing up!

What is the best thing about your job? I love physically frying fish and chips. I still get excited when the batter is perfect and it gives me a thrill and a buzz to get it right every time.

What does winning From Field to Frier mean to you? It means a great deal – it’s been amazing for our business and recognizes our passion for potatoes and chips. It is the first National Award we have won and we want to use it as a stepping stone to win more. We are hoping one day to win the pinnacle which is winning the Best Independent Take Away.

What’s your favourite thing on Krispies menu? Cod and Chips

Are you Battered, Traditional or Mixed Always Tradition with Fish and Chips and anything else I have Battered but I never mix my chips – it’s one or the other!

Who are your favourite sports team or band? Exeter Chiefs (of course)

What is your favourite thing to do with a lazy, sunny afternoon? Well, if I can’t spend it with the family I love to be training with RNLI

What makes Krispies different from other take aways? Mostly because of me and my radiant personality! Seriously, I think it is because everyday we are striving to be better than the day before, we use the best ingredients we can, we take time give the best and quickest service and we always trying to improve ourselves.