About Krispies


Tim and Kelly Barnes (otherwise known as Mr and Mrs Krispie) have been frying and serving Fish & Chips for over 20 years. Having left catering college Tim worked for a short time in Exeter, where Kelly joined him. They then purchased their first business in Dawlish which they owned until they bought Krispies in 2000.

Even in the early days of Krispies when it was just the two of them doing everything from frying and serving to washing up and cleaning, they had a clear vision for Krispies to become one of the best Fish & Chip shops in the UK. And over the years they have gained a reputation for outstanding food and customer service and have won both national and local awards.

Krispies pride themselves on serving fabulous food. They are very proud to be one of approximately 100 fish & chip shops in the UK to be MSC Certified. This means that, where you see the little blue tick, the fish they serve is guaranteed to come from sustainable sources. As well as fabulous fish the famous Battered Chips are a Krispies highlight and people travel from far and wide to sample this delicacy – a traditional, freshly cut chip, very lightly coated in batter to give them an unbelievably crispy (or should that be Krispie) coating. Like all famous food the exact recipe for the Battered Chips is a closely guarded secret, so you won’t find anything like them anywhere else on the planet!

As a family run business Krispies has truly become part of the local community. People who ate at Krispies for a treat when they were kids are now serving behind the counter, Tim and Kelly’s own daughter Hollie has worked in the shop and Charlie, 10, can’t wait to follow in the family footsteps! Over the years Tim and Kelly have supported many local charities raising £1000s for a variety of causes including local schools, Vranch House and the RNLI where Tim is a volunteer crew member.

Tim and Kelly love what they do, they are passionate about Fish & Chips and serving fabulous food consistently. Whether you have been a Krispies customer for years or are just about to embark on your first visit you can be guaranteed a warm welcome and top quality Fish & Chips.

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